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Winter Flares

Fashion January 2, 2018 0 Comments

Happy New Year Everyone! 🎆 I am loving the weather in South Florida lately and am definitely trying to wear as much of my “winter” attire as possible.❄️ I live for #SweaterWeather and wearing fashion that is chic and super comfy. Although the cold may make it hard for me to leave my warm bed, once I’m up, I can’t…

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Lace Up!

Fashion December 30, 2017 0 Comments

Lace up details can take any outfit from simple to S T U N N A! I think that’s why we have so many lace up outfits 😂 Doing the most is our thing, so it fits perfectly to be honest. However on a serious note, lace up dresses, pants, and sweaters have been a huge trend this year, especially…

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Monochromatic Mood

Fashion November 1, 2017 2 Comments

Hey guys, it’s officially fall and the weather has been perfect! The past few months I’ve been really into monochromatic looks and luckily I happened to have this cute and pink top and pants in which the colors matched closely enough. This has definitely been my year for high-waisted pants, I must say. I really hate wearing pants, I’m more…

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Livin’ for Olive

Fashion October 16, 2017 0 Comments

The weather in South Florida isn’t necessarily screaming “Fall” to me, so we’ll just dress and pretend like it is 😉. We decided to head to downtown Fort Lauderdale and hang out along Las Olas Blvd. If you haven’t visited this strip, we highly suggest you do both day and night. I’ve been loving putting together outfits with skirts as…

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City Stroll

Fashion August 12, 2017 1 Comments

If you happen to know me very well, you’ll know there’s two things I can’t live without: a cup of hot chocolate and my phone. Thankfully, while perusing through CityPlace Doral, Priscilla and I were able to stop by Juan Valdez Cafe. I was able to get a quick fix of hot chocolate while going through emails and completing some…

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