Serve It

Serve It

It’s almost the time of year again when fashion enthusiasts set foot in New York to review the latest collections from some of the world’s most coveted designers. I’m talking about NYFW and on this same day next week, BRNZ will be heading to New York for the first time as a duo to give you the latest on what trends are coming up for the 2018 spring season! So to prep to for NYFW, there’s no better place to hang out than the Miami Design District.

Serve It Khaki Jumpsuit

“Serve It” Jumpsuit by Mistress Rocks

The Miami Design District is a neighborhood dedicated to innovative fashion, design, architecture and dining experiences. It is the ultimate luxury shopping destination with stores by designers such as Burberry, Cartier, CĂ©line, Christian Louboutin and many more!

Miami Design District

Image c/o the Miami Design District

When most people think of Miami, they think of the beaches and partying in South Beach. However, you’re definitely missing out if you have yet to visit the Design District. The scenery, beautiful architecture and art installations are worth the trip even if you plan on just window shopping.

Serve It Khaki Jumpsuit

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