Go With the Floral

Go With the Floral

Hi Guys! It’s definitely been a while, but we’re back, just like floral prints are back for spring and they’re the perfect way to start the season. Whenever we get some cool weather, I ALWAYS take advantage to wear out any long sleeve pieces I have. And with spring, comes my more feminine side. I love pretty prints and soft color palettes.

Now being on the shorter side, I have tended to think twice when deciding to get a maxi dresses due to my fear of them making me look even shorter. I put those thoughts aside after seeing this Chiffon floor length dress and decided to give it a shot. I felt like the floral prints on this maxi dress were a nice contrast from the prior dark, winter colors. Normally, I don’t gravitate towards red tones, but I loved how the flowers were a neutral shade. There is just something about a maxi dress look that makes me feel instantly dressed up for any occasion and there’s definitely a maxi dress out there that will suit your style.

Maxi Dress (no longer available) from Windsor Store (similar style here and here)

What are your favorite prints for Spring? I’m definitely all for Flower Power! 🌸🌸🌸

-Priscilla B xo

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